Episode 14: Guinea Pigs Cash In

A little strapped for cash? If you’re willing to take new or experimental drugs to test potential side effects, you might be in luck. The first round of clinical drug testing, Phase I trials, are done on healthy volunteers to ensure dosages are correct and the drug is safe. Anyone can participate, so long as […]

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Episode 13: Locker Room Talk

We all know about the Access Hollywood tape of our president-elect. It also struck a nerve with some athletes who felt like Donald Trump disrespected the locker rooms they know. So this month, we decided to dive into what the locker room means to athletes, and the sorts of things they generally talk about. But […]

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Episode 12: Gone Phishing

  The web can be a scary place. Scam sites, viruses, data breaches. Honestly, you’re probably taking a gamble every time you enter your credit card information online. But if you want to utilize the many wonderful, non-hacking related functions of the internet, taking some risks is unavoidable. Growing up surrounded by and using tech […]

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Episode 11: Going Green

  Regardless of your stance on climate change, it doesn’t hurt to be sustainable. Whether that’s recycling, renewable energy, or just switching out your light bulbs to those power saving kind, sustainability can save you money and reduce our overall use of resources. And help save the planet if you’re into that sort of thing. […]

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Episode 9: New Gen on The Block

Everyone wants the lowdown on millennials. A quick Google search pulls up a slew of generational experts who claim to know the truth about young people, and they’d be happy to book a speaking event with your company to tell you what it is. But what exactly is a millennial? Obviously we can’t let our […]

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Episode 8: #Election2016

  If you spend any time on Twitter, you’ve probably seen our title a lot. If you think that’s a pound sign, this podcast is probably not for you. #Sorrynotsorry. Getting real though, the 2016 election is a huge deal and a growing number of voters are millennials. And as we’ve seen with Bernie Sanders […]

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Episode 7: The Politics of PC

  “Political Correctness” is a loaded term. Big time. It’s also been around for a while, and the definition seems to change from time to time and from person to person. This episode of Issues Tank starts there: What is PC? Why, all of a sudden, is it such a big deal? Why are young […]

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