Episode 2: Gimme Shelter

The journey out of your parents’ house can be a bumpy ride. It’s hard for millennials to find a place to live that couples their less-than-stellar incomes with an incessant desire to spend those pretty pennies on things like delivery food and nightlife.  And then of course there’s the daunting prospect of sharing that precious space with other people. Have no fear, Issues Tank is here.   In this episode, the Issues Tank team takes on the search for shelter at just about every angle: What makes a neighborhood attractive to young people? What scares them away? Is rooming with a friend ever a good idea? Is there any way millennials can have their cake and eat it too when it comes to housing?    Find out the answers to these questions and hear some hilarious stories along the way in the second edition of Issues Tank.  [Photo: Esteban Chiner, flickr]

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